About Dr Wanderlust


The world is too big to stay in one place.


My name is Lecia (aka Dr Wanderlust). I have traveled to over 60 countries touching 5 continents and more than half of the US States. So basically I am a travel addict :). 

I have traveled for pleasures, work, philanthropy, group trips, sports.. you name it. I have traveled on a strict budget, and I have splurged on the luxuries in life. But no matter what I travel for or how I travel I love helping other experience the world too. So I want to share my adventures with you to motivate and inspire your own travels whether it is for business, pleasure, or philanthropy. 

I have  also helped people plan and book their trips for years. I have even taken a few people on trips with me as well. I hope to open more trips up to individuals to join in and experience the world through the heart and adventures of Dr Wanderlust.