Wing Walking: Dancing High Above the Clouds



Better than sky diving, hang gliding, zip-lining and bungee jumping combined.. and yes I have done all of these things… and I must tell you my experience wing walking was even better than I could ever imagine.

I learned about wing walking from my friend Rhonda. We’ve done sky diving together before so generally anything adventurous and out of the box we both would be up for it.

I can’t lie, I had no idea what it was nor that it even existed, but I knew that if Rhonda wanted to do it it would be amazing!! And it was beyond AMAZING!!

Fun Fact: Rhonda was my high school volleyball coach 🙂 She is also a phenomenal realtor in Florida if you are looking for a home. Check out her video:

So wing walking (according to Wikipedia) is the act of moving along the wings of a biplane during flight, sometimes transferring between planes.

Currently there are 1 location  in the world to do wing walking, and this is it!! There is a location in England you can do Wing riding, and to us it just wasn’t as cool. Wing riding is basically you taking off and landing the aircraft with a person on the wing.

Mason Wing Walking allows you to actually climb out of the airplane mid air to get on the wing.


Where to do Wing Walking:

Mason Wing Walking is located in Sequim, Washington.

2 hrs from Seattle Airport, so you need  a car or organize transportation

It is a full day experience. You show up first thing in the morning (9 AM) and spend 4-5 hours practicing and being coached on climbing around the exterior of the Stearman with a safety harness & cable. After lunch and having good weather.. you head out!!


$985 One person, full course, upper and lower wing. ($885 Multi person discount.)
$650 One person, introductory course, upper wing.
$1800 Two-day course, spread your training over two days and fly twice as much.


  1. You need to be in good physical condition
  2. There are height and weight restrictions please check with Marylin
  3. Weather issues can delay your experience so do not plan anything else. And have 2 days available in case the day you are booked has bad weather.
  4. Best months to go are July, August and September

PS: Marylin and her kids are phenomenal!!!!

Where to stay:

Olympic View Inn (Sequim, Washington) (15 minutes from Wing Walking location)



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