Vegas For Work… Take a Day Trip to Hoover Dam

Recently I was in Las Vegas for a week. The initial thought most people have is day parties, gambling and shows!! Well, my week in Vegas was very different. I was there for work, so none of that was involved. My meetings started a 8 AM and ended at 5 PM with a social dinner included. So, that meant hardly any time for sleep. On the last day it was a half day and my coworkers and I took to a quick adventure to see Hoover Dam.

It was surprisingly a very quick trip. Our hotel (Westin Resort & Spa) had an Enterprise there. So we booked a few cars an drove about 40 minutes to Hoover Dam.

I actually learned a lot about why the Dam was built, how it was built, and how it is maintained and used today. I also learned about other dams I have no idea existed. In addition to these lessons, it was a beautiful drive with a few lookouts for you to grab nice photos.

I highly recommend if you have some time to rent a car and head out. We did the 1 hr tour for $30 while the 30 minute tour was $15. I think it was well worth the additional $15 as you got to see 2 additional locations in the dam.

If you need help booking a hotel and car rental  contact me here.

If you rather book a tour that can pick you up and bring you back to you hotel here are some tours that are highly rated.

  1. Ultimate Hoover Dam Tour
  2. Hoover Dam Mini Tour
  3. Hoover Dam Tour with Lake Mead Cruise
  4. Hoover Dam Experience from Las Vegas

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